Each EB-5 Visa applicant must invest a minimum of $USD500,000 in a job-creating venture.

For a project and job creating venture to be eligible for the EB-5 program and accessible by investors, a project must be located in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA), which is an area that has an unemployment rate that is greater than 150% of the national average.

Salter Brothers works with a team of consultants, developers and Regional Centres specific to each of our Project Locations to ensure our projects are TEA designated and able to generate the necessary number of full time jobs to meet USCIS approval; i.e. 10 permanent full time jobs.


Salter Brothers is a reputable Funds Manager ensuring the financing of projects is optimised. We are able to provide senior loans, mezzanine loans, preferred equity, or joint venture equity into projects with owners and/or institutional equity partners.

For Salter Brothers, every project is unique.

The following general criteria can help you determine whether Salter Brothers financing might suit your project, however if your project does not need to meet all of these conditions, the more conditions that are met, the better.

  • Developer equity contribution of at least 20% of total cost
  • Complete projected capital stack at the start of fundraising
  • Clear 5- to 6-year exit strategy for EB-5 investors
  • Proven track record of similar successful developments
  • Experienced project team – general contractor, architect, etc.
  • Proven market demand with strong submarket fundamentals
  • Zoning/entitlement approvals in place
  • Groundbreaking projected within 8-12 months
  • Strong government support and/or participation (can range from letters of support to actual financing, grants, or land contribution)
Salter Brothers Asset Management Pty Limited: ABN 33 119 833 760, AFSL 308971 is the trustee of all Salter Brothers Funds.