As part of the preparation of a Development Application, Salter Brothers is undertaking a program of community consultation to engage with the neighbouring community and key stakeholders.

Salter Brothers invites interested members of the community to attend an information drop-in session to discuss and provide comments on this proposal prior to the submission of a Development Application.

The Session will be held between 5:30pm and 7:00pm on Thursday 6 May 2021 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1 Binara St, Canberra City (near the southern end of City Walk).

For more information about the project see Frequently Asked Questions below, or alternatively contact us

Following the consultation session held on Thursday 6 May 2021, the proponent is reviewing comments received in relation to the proposal. These comments will be addressed within the Results of Consultation Report that will be included with the Development Application submission.

The Development Application is currently being prepared and the intention is to make the submission in July 2021, however this timeframe may be extended.

Frequently asked questions

Salter Brothers is collaborating with Bates Smart Architects and Interior Designers on this marker hotel project. Both have a proven track record of providing quality projects and developments in the ACT, Interstate and abroad.

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The proposed hotel development, targeting the everyday traveller or visitor, will include

  • A ground level lobby, drop off and loading area
  • Guest restaurant, lounge and associated amenities on Level 1.
  • 238 hotel guestrooms across twelve accommodation levels
  • Services and Back of house areas within a single basement
  • Utilities access and landscaping

The proposal is intended to provide a Holiday Inn Express hotel experience, which is focused on simple, smart, engaging travel and offers a midscale complement to the existing, upscale Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The proposed development may involve an application to change the site’s existing Crown Lease conditions relating to type of accommodation, building heights, number of rooms, and car parking.

Improvements to pedestrian amenity along Binara Street are also planned, through the widening of the existing footpath and a central walkway through the site connecting both hotels.

The project is being proposed in front of the existing Crowne Plaza Hotel, near Binara Street in Canberra’s City Centre, on part of land formally known as Block 21 Section 65 City. The site of the proposed hotel is currently vacant land used for informal staff car parking, between the internal driveway of the Crown Plaza Hotel and Binara Street. It is close to Glebe Park and Casino Canberra, and is also a short walk away from the Canberra Centre shopping precinct.

The proposed building is to be up to fourteen storeys tall, which is less than the maximum permissible building height in the City Centre of RL617m.

It is anticipated that a Development Application will be lodged in June 2021, with construction to commence (subject to approval) around the end-2022. It is anticipated that construction will take  approximately 18 months.

Community consultation has begun, and will take place over April and continue until late June 2021.

The proposed development will also be open to standard public review and feedback processes after being submitted for Development Assessment.

There are currently 222 parking spaces on-site within the existing Crowne Plaza Hotel. Thirty of these spaces are located within the overflow carpark. This carpark straddles the proposed hotel site and council land. The proposed hotel will be sited on the land within the Crown Plaza site and the council land will be landscaped to include a widening of the existing pedestrian path. There will be 192 car spaces remaining within the Hotel site.

It is anticipated that many hotel guests will arrive by public transport such as taxi / Uber or buses, and that car parking demand for the project can be met within the existing Crowne Plaza Hotel and other nearby publicly and privately provided parking areas such as those at the National Convention Centre.

At times of peak demand, the hotel will have access to off site parking arrangements subject to agreement with third party providers

The project is anticipated to generate some additional traffic during construction in line with other similar developments. This will be undertaken in a way to minimise impacts on the existing offices and homes nearby.

Once complete, the project will generate extra vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the area. The extent of this impact will be demonstrated as part of traffic report to be prepared as part of the project’s Development Application, and will be available for public viewing and comment and feedback as part of the Development Assessment process.

The proposal will also overshadow the nearby Crowne Plaza Hotel during parts of the day. Shadow diagrams have been prepared to show these impacts, and will be available for public viewing and feedback as part of both the Community Information Session and during Development Assessment.

The proposed development aims to assist in efforts to attract more visitors to Canberra’s City Centre as the city experiences increased demand from both leisure and business travellers. Its proximity to existing hotels, the Canberra Centre, and entertainment venues such as bars and Casino Canberra make it an ideal location for a new hotel offering.

Subject to securing the necessary development approvals, the hotel will be built throughout the course of 2022-2024. In due course, the developer will look to secure a construction contractor via tender or negotiation.

Salter Brothers Asset Management Pty Limited: ABN 33 119 833 760, AFSL 308971 is the trustee of all Salter Brothers Funds.