Performance against key rules/criteria of the Territory Plan

Block 21 Section 65 City is zoned CZ6 – Leisure and Accommodation under the Territory Plan. The block is subject to the City Precinct Code and Commercial Zones Development Code.

​Below is a description of how the proposal addresses the CZ6 zone objectives and key Code requirements.

Zone Objectives

a) Provide for the development of entertainment, accommodation and leisure facilities for residents of and visitors to the ACT and surrounding region

The proposed development provides a new accommodation offering to the market for the ACT and region. The development is in close proximity to a number of entertainment and leisure facilities, including the Canberra Theatre, Civic Pool, and Casino Canberra.

b) Protect leisure and accommodation uses from competition from higher order commercial uses, and encourage activities that enhance the region’s economic diversity and employment prospects

The proposed Hotel is intended to operate in conjunction with the existing Crowne Plaza Hotel on the subject Block. The existing and proposed Hotels are expected to attract a different clientele.

The proposed development is to bring an internationally-recognised Hotel chain to Canberra, creating jobs during construction and once operational.

c) Ensure leisure and accommodation facilities have convenient access to public transport

The proposed Hotel is close to major public transport routes on Constitution Avenue and London Circuit, as well as being close to the Light Rail and City Bus Interchange.

d) Protect the amenity of nearby residential areas, with regard to noise, traffic, parking and privacy

The proposed development has been designed to maintain privacy to existing residential developments opposite Binara Street to the south. Noise, traffic and parking are managed through the design of the development by enhancing existing access into the site. Additional parking generated by the development is to be accommodate within off-site garages by commercial agreement.

e) Ensure the location of facilities, and their design and landscaping is compatible with environmental values

The proposed development has been designed to respond to its context and the environmental values of the adjoining Glebe Park, and provide an improved landscape streetscape experience and interface along Binara Street through upgrades to the verge.

f) Ensure that the bulk, scale, size, design and landscaping of development is compatible with the surrounding landscape

The proposed building has been designed to respond to the geometry of the site and its urban context. The building’s smaller footprint contained within existing access to the site assists to preserve the surrounding landscape and vistas. The building scale is compatible with surrounding development in this part of the City Centre.

g) Encourage activity at street frontage level and provide an appropriate level of surveillance of the public realm

Street-level activity is encouraged through the presence of a ground level hotel lobby, a retail tenancy and café space with proposed outdoor seating areas. Active facades facilitate further passive surveillance of Binara Street and a central open walkway at ground level further enhances the legibility and visual connection to the entrance of the existing Crowne Plaza Hotel with Binara Street.

City Precinct Code

C6 – Building heights comply with all of the following:

i) are compatible with existing, or desired future character of, adjacent development
i) are appropriate to the scale and function of the use
iii) do not cause detrimental impacts, including overshadowing and excessive scale

The proposed building height is consistent with existing and emerging development in this part of the City Centre.

The scale of the development is appropriate for its use as a hotel and provides a functional floor layout. The building height responds to the constraints imposed by a small site area whilst providing the number of rooms required for the hotel development to operate efficiently.

Shadow Diagrams for the development demonstrate that the proposed building does not create detrimental overshadowing impacts.

R7 – Buildings do not exceed RL617m.

The proposed building does not exceed the maximum height limit of RL617m. A lease variation is also proposed to remove covenants under the Crown lease that limit the height of building.

Commercial Zones Development Code

R23 – Potentially noisy uses (which include hotel) are required to provide a noise management plan.

Noting that the subject site already includes a hotel development, a noise management plan is being prepared for the development application that will address the relevant requirements of the Environment Protection Regulation 2005.

Specific controls for the CZ6 zone: R57 – The maximum number of storeys is 2


C57 – Buildings achieve all of the following: a) consistency with the desired character b) reasonable solar access to dwellings on adjoining residential blocks and their private open space.

The site already includes development over two storeys and is located in the City Centre. The City Precinct Code controls take precedence and in this instance a taller building may be permitted.

The proposed building is located to the south of residential development and shadow diagrams demonstrate that the development retains reasonable solar access to adjoining residential blocks and their private open space.

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