New Zealand’s Investor Visa Program

New Zealand’s Investor Visa Program introduced in 2007 is part of the New Zealand Government’s economic framework to drive investment and innovation into its local and thriving economy.

A Visa program enabling investment flexibility across asset classes

Today, there are two routes for investors looking to migrate to New Zealand:

  1. Investor 1 (or Investor Plus) Resident Visa – minimum investment of NZ$10million; has to be invested in New Zealand for 3 years. This program has more relaxed physical residency requirements and has no requirements on age, proficiency in English or business experience
  2. Investor 2 Resident Visa – minimum investment of NZ$3million has to be invested in New Zealand for 4 years. This program requires 3 years of business experience and the age of the person must be 65 years and below.

*The Investor 2 Resident Visa allows investors to claim points for business experience, investment funds, English-speaking ability and age.  For a full outline of the New Zealand Government’s Points System, go to:

Investor Visa Applicant Eligibility and Requirements:

New Zealand’s Immigration visas are administered by Immigration New Zealand, which together with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, the Government’s investment agency, provides information and advice about making an application for Investor Visas.

In summary, the eligibility and application requirements for NZ Investor Visa Categories are outlined in the table below:

Key RequirementsInvestor Plus
(Investor 1 Category)
(Investor 2 Category)
Maximum age:No requirement65 or younger
Business experience:No requirementMinimum of three years
Investment funds:NZ$10 million invested in NZ for three yearsNZ$3.0 million invested in NZ for four years
Settlement funds:No requirementNZ$1 million (transfer not required)
Principal applicant’s English language:No requirement• an English speaking background, or

• an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test report with an overall band score of three or more, or

• a competent user of English
Family member’s English language:No requirement Same as principal applicant or pre-purchase ESOL tuition
Minimum time in New Zealand:44 days in NZ in each of the last two years of the three-year investment period146 days in NZ in each of the last three years of the four-year investment period
Health and character:Applicants must meet health and character requirementsApplicants must meet health and character requirements
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